Warriors of Kudlak

By Mark
Episode Title: Warriors of Kudlak

Duration: Part one - 26 minutes and 47 seconds
Part two - 28 minutes and 2 seconds

Written by: Phil Gladwin

Directed by: Charles Martin

Transmission Date: Part one - 15th October 2007
Part two - 22nd October 2007

Ratings: 1.0 million (Part one)
1.2 million (Part two)

Synopses: Part one - Sarah Jane and Maria investigate the mysterious disappearance of a local boy, Lance Metcalf, while Luke and Clyde take a visit to Combat 3000 – a laser tag game designed to train the ultimate warrior – in the third, two-part adventure of the drama series. When Sarah Jane and Maria dig further into Lance's unusual disappearance, they soon discover that a number of children have gone missing across the country – all in cities with a Combat 3000 and all during freak-weather storms. As Sarah Jane and Maria head over to Combat 3000 to discover more, Luke and Clyde are enjoying their time playing the laser tag game. However, with Combat 3000 being run by the sinister alien Mr Kudlak in the service of his mistress, Luke and Clyde are in for much more than they bargained for...

Part two - No synopsis was released for the second part of Warriors of Kudlak.

Cast List: Sarah Jane Smith — Elisabeth Sladen
Maria Jackson — Yasmin Paige
Luke Smith — Tommy Knight
Clyde Langer — Daniel Anthony
Mr Smith — Alexander Armstrong
Mark Grantham — Chook Sibtain
Carrie Metcalf — Sarah Haynes
Wendy — Pamela Merrick
Lance Metcalf — Sonny Muslim
Brandon Butler — James Bellamy
Jen — Nadiyah Davis
Cashier — Chrissie Furness
Kudlak/Emperor/Mistress — Paul Kasey
Voice of Kudlak/Emperor — Silas Carson
Voice of Mistress — Tina Greatex