Invasion of the Bane

By Mark
Episode Title: Invasion of the Bane

Duration: 60 minutes and 22 seconds

Written by: Gareth Roberts and Russell T Davies

Directed by: Colin Teague

Transmission Date: 1st January 2007

Ratings: 2.92 million

Synopsis: Sarah Jane Smith is a truly remarkable woman. She inhabits a world of mystery, danger and wonder. A world where aliens are commonplace and the Earth is constantly under threat. A world that Maria Jackson - a seemingly ordinary girl - can only dream of until she moves in next door. Nothing will ever be ordinary again. In the first adventure, there's a new drink taking the world by storm - Bubbleshock! Everyone's drinking it. When Maria's dragged along to the factory tour by her new friend, Kelsey - a girl with an opinion on everything - she's plunged into the sinister world of Bubbleshock and the mysterious Mrs Wormwood. There's something terrible behind the hype - something Sarah Jane's interested in too...

Cast List: Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
Luke Smith - Tommy Knight
Maria Jackson - Yasmin Paige
Alan Jackson - Joseph Millson
Chrissie Jackson - Juliet Cowan
Kelsey Harper - Porsha Lawrence Mavour
Mrs Wormwood - Samantha Bond
Davey - Jamie Davis
Voice of K-9 - John Leeson
Mr Smith - Alexander Armstrong
Lesley - Rungano Nyoni